Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ALERT! We Have SAPPERS Inside The Wire!

I pulled the IP addresses for our friend "TOP" in the comments to the previous post and ran them through an IP address geographical locator. All of the addresses have been from a block assigned to Verizon Wireless retail mobile Internet service customers. The geographical locator isn't producing reliable results for her position at this time, e.g. it says she managed to go from Silver Springs, FL to Los Angeles, CA in the space of three minutes.

Obviously, the un-American pseudo-fascist subversives operating out of Canada have crossed illegally into the United States and are even now plotting terrorist actions against their supposed "domestic" enemies in a misguided and futile attempt to divide real patriotic Americans and intimidate them into silence, or worse yet, acting out counter-productively in response to these puerile attempts at pseudo-fascist oppression.

Once again, we have clear evidence that the current crop of anonymous pseudo-fascist cowards don't have the stones to follow their own advice. The TargetOfOpportunity.Com web site, with which TOP claims to be affiliated, has issued a call to action for individuals to do what needs to be done to stop dangerous liberals from being dangerous and liberal by whatever means come to mind. When pressed for ideas about what to do about dangerous liberals trying to destroy America, TOP claims that she wants good-hearted patriotic Americans to "stand up and be counted" yet... she's clearly paid extra money to prevent her own real identity from being fingered in this operation.

How typical is that?

She keeps whining like a little bitch about how we haven't pointed out any of the false statements on the TargetOfOppotunity.Com website, apparently completely oblivious to the fact that we have yet to claim there are any false statements there. Our silence on that subject is consistent with our position. Even if we grant that everything on their website is accurate and truthful— which I'm not ready to do— it wouldn't undermine the argument we're making here. It would underscore it.

Meanwhile, she keeps smearing good progressive peace activists, like Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink and Progressive Democrats for America, by lumping them all in with violent extremist terrorist organizations (in the comments to a previous post, TOP made the baseless, slanderous assertion that those people were in collaboration with Stormfront.Org and the National Socialist Movement) and naming them on her private little anonymized and foreign hosted website— clearly hoping to inspire some nutjob to follow through on her rhetoric about "hit lists" and "enemy targets" and do the wetwork that she doesn't even have the gametes to call for without first disguising her identity.

I think it's obvious we're either dealing with an incompetent boob, who hasn't even bothered to think through how what she's doing looks like a false-flag operation for an unfriendly foreign organization (possibly a non-state terrorist organization, even)— or we're dealing with a cunning and wiley foreign foe who knows our culture better even than we do, and knows how to undermine it from within by the most insidious of tactical syntax and semantic attack modes.

Stand vigilant, patriotic Americans! Here you see the proof that the would-be tyrants of Wingnut Nation are trembling in fear of their own shadows. Present a united front against their attempts to intimidate and they will melt like ice cubes on the boardwalk on Fourth of July. They are nothing but anonymous cowards, pretending at fascism without the backbone to follow through on it, dressing up in cheap rented fetish gear and parading around on the Internet from behind foreign web servers and foreign anonymizer services, and hoping you'll be terrorized by reading a scary web page about you. Don't let them divide you. It will only serve the interests of America's enemies if you let them succeed.

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