Monday, July 31, 2006

And That's All For Condi...

It is all over for Sec. of State Condi Rice but the shouting. Steve Soto over at Left Coaster has the basic take right, but I think misses the all-important point: Condi's impotence was planned. If you look very carefully, you'll see an "Office of the Vice President" seal on the handle of that letter opener sticking out her back.

Sorry Steve, as correct as you are about the rest of it, this was planned. And she is starting to show signs that she finally realizes her ship is on fire and taking on water in her flailing, as noted in the AFP story about Condi's triumphant return to D.C. after getting punked by Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Senoira, to wit:
"Despite failing to stop the fighting, Rice earlier said in Jeruslam that she believed she had managed to underpin a future lasting peace.

"As I head back to Washington, I take with me an emerging consensus on what is necessary for both an urgent ceasefire and a lasting settlement," Rice said.

"I am convinced we can achieve both this week," said Rice, who laid out broad principles of a proposed deal, but did not discuss the exact measures that would be adopted to put it in place.
These pronouncements come less than 24 hours after announcing that she personally put the Israelis in a headlock until they agreed to cease aerial attacks for 48 hours.

Then this morning the Israelis commenced their aerial attacks again, and said they never agreed to any such blanket suspenstion of air activity, and that they don't know where Condi gets off telling the world anything of the sort. Advantage: Big Time

Notice the speed and vigor with which Preznit Jugg Hed and the rest of his posse inside the wire have lept to the defense of Condi...

I will say this, however... if she does manage to pull something resembling a political miracle out of her ass, I really will be impressed. But as of right now, she just looks like she is flailing, and has just noticed that there are forces in the administration that have pulled her card ... as the kids like to say...

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