Thursday, July 06, 2006

When scrubs attack!

The Boston Globe published a column today resurrecting the scrum between Kos and The New Republic. This quote jumped out at me:

``This fight is saying `Welcome to the big leagues,' " said Richard Bradley , the former editor of George Magazine and a blogger himself. ``If you want us to take you seriously, we're going to ask you the same questions that we ask anyone else who aspires to be a power-player in Democratic politics." most certainly is not saying welcome to the Big Leagues. This was a welcome to the spectacle of watching someone being slapped by a girl scout for not liking her cookies. Pathetic and funny is a far more apt description. Big League play would be closer to the treatment the New York Times is getting from the Administration and it's worthless lying sychophants accusing it of being in league with terrorists for doing it's job. When the editor is threatened with the gas chamber on television, when reporters and their kids are threatened with having their addresses published so they can be targeted by violent a-holes, that is the big leagues. A bunch of magazine writers at an elitist political mag with limited circulation getting their noses out of joint because bloggers are calling them the Joe Liberman weekly is simply lame. It crosses over to pathetic when they have to gin up a fake email from an "anonymous" source is smear their target, and won't declare that source when the email is proven fake. What happened to you people?

Look, the GOP and their Thug propopagana machine have declared war on a free press. Why any column space is wasted whining about Kos or any other blog is incomprehensible. Look TNR, the White House HATES you and everything you stand for. They have nothing but contempt for a free press that reports the truth. They only like outlets that do what they are told. This is not even controversial. It's not like they hide it from plain view. If you value your profession, you might want to start defending it and not allow the right wing hate machine to get over on you. If it's not too late, which I am not convinced of.

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