Thursday, July 13, 2006

This Is What Democracy Looks Like Now

Once again, from the invaluable Cursor.Org (linked in the sidebar), comes this report [from a site I know nothing about, Polizeros.Com] about the aftermath of a counter-protest in Los Angeles against The Minuteman Project [no link-love at all for those bozos]. Click through and watch the video for yourself. I'd say these cops were a little more brazen about doling out the unnecessary beatings than they've been in awhile.

I've watched similar footage of alleged police brutality by SFPD at various ANSWER protests, usually hosted by SFIndyMedia.Org, but I've nearly always come away more willing than this to grant the cops some slack. In this LAPD footage, I'm having a hard time not seeing this as a simple case of them rounding up the usual brown suspects and clubbing them for the cheap, dirty thrill of it. What the fuck is the real story here? Guys?

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