Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Anonymous Pseudo-Fascist Cowards

About a week ago, I posted about a terrifying little website that David Neiwert found, called TargetOfOpportunity.Com. It's an operation apparently set up to try to smear a lot of otherwise peaceful dissident individuals and organizations, e.g. Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, some linguist and professor of English named John Daly, and Progressive Democrats for America (!) etc. by drawing imaginary associations with fairly pathetic yet legitimately violent extremist radical groups often associated in the popular imagination with liberal or leftist causes, i.e. organizations like Animal Liberation Front, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty and Earth Liberation Front.

As I noted at the time, TargetOfOpportunity.Com has compiled what it calls a "Hit List" of "Enemy Targets" that it calls "dangerous people" who "must be stopped" and they close their mission statement like this:
This is a call to action! These anti-American liberals
are dangerous people and need to be stopped!
One person can make a big difference!!!

There are those that read about history.
There are those that make history.
Which one do you want to be?
It's a pretty standard intimidation tactic. As Glenn Greenwald observes, the goal here is simple:
One of the favorite tactics used by such [fascist] groups is to find the home address and telephone number of the latest enemy and then publish it on the Internet, accompanied by impassioned condemnations of that person as a Grave Enemy, a race traitor, someone who threatens all that is good in the world. A handful of the most extremist pro-life groups have used the same tactic. It has happened in the past that those who were the target of these sorts of demonization campaigns that included publication of their home address were attacked and even killed.

But these intimidation tactics work even when nothing happens. Indeed, these groups often publish the enemy's home address along with some cursory caveat that they are not encouraging violence. The real objective is the same one shared by all terrorists -- to place the person in paralyzing fear. The goal is to force the individual, as they lay in bed at night, to be preoccupied with worry that there is some deranged individual who read one of the websites identifying them as the enemy and which provided their address and who believes that they can strike some blow for their Just Cause by visiting their home and harming or killing them. The fear that they are vulnerable in their own home lurks so prominently and relentlessly in a person's mind that it can be as effective as a physical attack in punishing someone or intimidating them.
The editorial staff here at The MojoWire has been interacting with someone claiming to be a supporter of TargetOfOpportunity.Com in the comment thread attached to my previous post. This commenter posts under the pseudonym "TOP" and we have not been kind to her. (Please note the banner text at the top of our page which advertises that we are "liberal brawlers" who take pleasure in Afflicting The Comfortable. We make no apologies for using rude and unkind language in our interactions with pseudo-fascist pinheads.)

We've been going back and forth, trying to get TOP to decide whether she wants to condone violence, intimidation and property destruction, mostly without success. After a couple days of this, I decided to look up the domain registration information for TargetOfOpportunity.Com. Fascinating.

They're Canadian. (Or worse, they might be Americans who are afraid to host their pseudo-fascist bullshit with servers on U.S. soil.) Fscking cowards.

P.O. Box 191
St. Bruno, QC J3V 4P9


Administrative Contact:
Advocate, R4L Privacy <C00rHH1x@privacyadvocate.org>
P.O. Box 191
St. Bruno, QC J3V 4P9
Technical Contact:
Advocate, R4L Privacy <1v3jqyu1@privacyadvocate.org>
P.O. Box 191
St. Bruno, QC J3V 4P9

Registration Service Provider:
Register4less, <support@r4l.com>

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 10-Apr-2006.
Record expires on 10-Feb-2007.
Record created on 10-Feb-2005.

Domain servers in listed order:

Domain status: ACTIVE

Yes, it has occured to me that we may have uncovered a false flag operation.

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