Friday, July 07, 2006

VERBOTEN!... that means you, hippy!

In the never ending search to bring the sharpest legal minds in the country to focus on how to best dismantle our Republic, the Pentagon has broken off a million bucks for some hacks on Planet Texas to generate a model statute that would help role back "right to know" public information laws. [c.f. USA Today, July 6, 2006]

Here you go, enjoy:
Jeffrey Addicott, a professor at the law school, said he will use that research to produce a national “model statute” that state legislatures and Congress could adopt to ensure that potentially dangerous information “stays out of the hands of the bad guys.”

“There's the public's right to know, but how much?” said Addicott, a former legal adviser in the Army's Special Forces.

“There's a strong feeling that the law needs to balance that with the need to protect the well-being of the nation. … There's too much stuff that's easy to get that shouldn't be,” he said.
I particularly like that this guy was "legal advisor" to the Special Warfare Command. Just think of the shit that guy had to deny...

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