Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Are We There Yet?" "Patience, Little Ones. Patience. We'll Be There Soon."

David Neiwert is back from conferring with orcas with a gasoline-soaked rag of a post about Nazi infiltration of the U.S. military. Buried behind one of the many little links in that post, I found a link to a terrifying little website called TargetOfOpportunity.Com. Yes, it's what you think it is. From the "Our Mission" page there:
This is a call to action! These anti-American liberals
are dangerous people and need to be stopped!
One person can make a big difference!!!

There are those that read about history.

There are those that make history.

Which one do you want to be?

These people and organizations are Enemies of Freedom,
the American people, and the American way of life!!!
Each and every one should be considered a:

"Target of Opportunity"!

No, The MojoWire editorial staff have not yet been declared a "target of opportunity" but some of our friends have been.


David concludes by saying...
This, folks, is the very real threat of fascism I've been warning about for some time, rearing its truly monstrous head. You know it when you see it -- and seeing it, perhaps, some of my readers (who keep wondering when I'm going to declare the American right truly fascist) will understand why I'm insisting we're not there yet -- that what we are currently coping with is a kind of pseudo-fascism whose chief threat is that it will give birth to the real thing.

What pseudo-fascism is all about, really, is the end justifying the means. And when the end justifies the means, there are always a thousand untold consequences. We are beginning to glimpse them now.
It isn't fascism yet, but it would be very wise to start noting the sight lines in your environment...

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