Monday, June 12, 2006

Baloney! Ludicrous! Crazy-talk!

To add to vanmojo's piece below, if you're willing to believe what an Iraqi tells The Los Angeles Times and Associated Press Television News, then yeah— it could be that U.S. troops weren't particularly interested in keeping Abu Musab al-Shithead alive when they found him still breathing after the airstrike.

From Democracy Now! this morning:
Iraqis Claim U.S. Soldiers Beat Zarqawi to Death

New Questions are being raised over the circumstances of the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. U.S. military officials initially claimed that Zarqawi died when a U.S. F-16 dropped two 500 pound bombs on his hideout outside of the town of Hibhib. But on Friday the military admitted Zarqawi survived the initial bombing and was semi-conscious when Iraqi and U.S. officials arrived at the scene. The U.S. maintains he died on a stretcher while being treated by U.S. personnel. But an Iraqi police lieutenant told the Los Angeles Times that Zarqawi died after a U.S. soldier repeatedly stepped on his chest, causing blood to flow from his mouth and nose. The officer said U.S. troops removed Zarqawi from an Iraqi ambulance and placed him on the ground. Then a U.S. soldier tried to question Zarqawi and began stepping on his chest. Another Iraqi man who lived nearby told Associated Press Television News that he had witnessed Americans beating Zarqawi. He said "They stomped on his stomach and his chest until he died and blood came out of his nose.” The top American commander in Iraq on Sunday rejected these accounts saying they were "baloney.” General George Casey said, "the idea that there were people there beating him is just ludicrous." The U.S. military has finished an autopsy on Zarqawi but has not released the findings.
Ludicrous. Why, it's just crazy-talk to think that a U.S. soldier would do that. I can't wait for the pearl-clutchers at Michele Malkin's hate festival to tell me how silly that idea sounds to them— right before they tell me that this is precisely the treatment he deserved and it's a damned shame they aren't allowed to get away with it.

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