Monday, June 05, 2006

NRO Needs More Cowbell...

Oh My Freekin' God! It's like hearing Captain Kirk shout into his Command Baracalounger's drink holder: "Scotty... I need more irony!"

NRO... or more to the point, their resident stoner, Ayn Rand objectivist groupie, DJ Johnny J spins all time conservative hits from 51-100 on the Neocon Countdown.

You think you had hits last time, hell no! DJ Johnny J is burning up the dance floors of VFW halls and drunken Klan barn dances across the land with selections like:
“Date Rape,” by Sublime. Many liberals probably think this song blames the victim; conservatives will see it offering a bit of common sense: “The moral of the date rape story / It does not pay to be drunk and horny.”

“Holiday in Cambodia,” by The Dead Kennedys. The greatest anti-Pol Pot song in the history of rock: “Well you’ll work harder / With a gun in your back / For a bowl of rice a day / Slave for soldiers / Till you starve / Then your head is skewered on a stake.”

“Silent Scream,” by Slayer.Could this be the world’s only pro-life death-metal song? “Bury the unwanted child / Beaten and torn / Sacrifice the unborn / Shattered, adolescent / Bearer of no name / Restrained, insane games / Suffer the children condemned.”
You can't parody this! What's next, the top Conservative Gangsta Rap Jams ..."It's On, by Ice-T, celebrating the beauty and drive of the American entrepreneurial spirit in the face of coercive government regulation, 'and if any cops get in our way [sounds of gun fire]'..."

How on earth did these nitwits ascend to power in the world's most powerful country? Don't bother, I already know the depressing answer to that question... Like Hunter Thompson said, these guys are what the whole hip world would be doing on a Saturday night if the Germans had won the war...

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