Thursday, June 22, 2006

WARNING: Long, Windy, Shameful Confession Ahead

Okay, Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom has finally caught the scent of our cunning plan, and it's time to open the kimono a little bit to explain one of the filthiest of dirty, little secrets about how Left Blogovia works.

As our faithful readers—and now Jeff Goldstein's readers— know, The MojoWire is one of the mightiest of engines in the tightly disciplined, hierarchically organized, totalitarian Narrative Management System of the progressive blogosphere. At the pinnacle of this towering megalith is an ancient and illuminated cabal of orthodox leftist hierophants, visionaries and wizards who formulate Party Doctrine and maintain the coherence of its vision for the benefit of lower orders. Dependent upon this central cabal is a committee of full-time progressive nomenklatura who formulate the Party Dogma consistent with doctrine, and distribute it throughout Left Blogovia by posting to their various weblogs. Legions of party apparatchiks then work diligently to reformulate the dogma into Party Propoganda, which is repeated ubiquitously and relentlessly like the coded messages you saw in John Carpenter's They Live!.

What is The MojoWire's position in this hierarchy? Are we merely the lumpenproletariat street-thug enforcers of Left Blogovia? After all, we're not even high up enough in the food chain to merit membership in the liberal Blog Ads network. Our loyalty is guaranteed not by regular revenue from click-throughs to T-shirt design companies, liberal dating match services, online hemp products retailers and soft core pr0nographers. No. They merely ensure that our landlords get monthly rent checks that clear on time every time, and there's always a keg of Old Peculiar when we have a Bar-B-Que in the park.

p.s. Here is the secret coded message of this post: whenever you read wingnuts spinning up some conspiracy theory about how the progressives are cheating somehow, you can safely bet the mortgage money on the Fact that it's really the wingnuts themselves who are doing it.

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