Friday, June 09, 2006

Mad Props To Billmon... AGAIN!

Once again, the Mighty Billmon covers the news about the airstrike on, and the death of, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in the only way it makes sense to cover it.
The Pentagon Channel today announced the cancellation of its long-running reality TV series, The Abu Zarqawi Hour, saying tonight's special-effects extravaganza, in which Keifer Sutherland and a team of secret agents trail the terrorist mastermind to his hideout and call in a massive airstrike, would be the show's last.

The show originally piloted in 2003, and found a regular place in the Pentagon Channel's prime-time lineup in February 2004, replacing the widely panned sitcom Mission Accomplished, now in syndicated reruns on Fox News.
Maybe they should have greenlighted the show in 2002 when Zarqawi's agents were hungry for exposure and would have worked for peanuts compared to what they were pulling down after OIF began...

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