Friday, June 16, 2006

Good Thing These Powers Will Soon Be in the Hands of the CIA and NSA!

Fat Tony strikes again!

From Hudson v. Michigan:
[...]the growth of “public-interest law firms and lawyers who specialize in civil-rights grievances ... [and] the increasing professionalism of police forces, including a new emphasis on internal police discipline ... [and] the increasing use of various forms of citizen review can enhance police accountability” all mean that the fourth amendment can be reinterpreted.
That is just tremendous legal reasoning Mr. Justice!

Let me see if I get this straight, it's okay to lower the standard on Americans' Fourth Amendment Rights because there are more lawyers willing to litigate when violations occur?

That's like saying we need to lower the legal standard for intentional homicide, perhaps do away with the specific intent standard, because there are more D.A.'s willing to push murder cases... This is your fault RedState! You broke it, you bought it. I have zero sympathy for any of you.

More on this later, my brain hurts now, may I be excused?

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