Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mojo Gets Seriously Fsckin' Cranked!

[Update below. —s9]

It's this kind of crap that is really pissing me off about my team right now:
But however much praise Wallis and his followers deserve for joining the good fight against Christo-fascists like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye and President Bush, the coupling of religion and politics is as dangerous for the left as it is for the right, because absolutism, authoritative supernaturalism and the actual tenets of the Abrahamic religious texts can never be reconciled with democracy and freedom.
Fine... screw it then, I am apparently not cool enough or ideologically pure enough to be progressive or liberal because I am a Christian. Worse, I am a hypocrite or fake liberal, just hiding my dominionist tendencies until the revolution starts. Hell, I am practically a wingnut fifth column. Every bad thing in western civilization is my fault.

Then this asshole is going to define me and my beliefs through some half-understood and contextless passages from the bible? Let's be absolutely fucking clear about this one thing. Low brow butt monkeys like this are every bit as dangerous as Christian dominionists because they have a pathological need to control what other people believe. They can not concieve of a world where people really are free to worship or not according to the dictates of their conscience, regardless of whatever cheap perfume of "The left would be making a severe mistake to indulge the “transcendental temptations” of our collective past, for the truly progressive society is the one which has finally put away its childhood toys and vices, and begun to evolve toward a planetary humanism."

This guy is no better than R.J. Rushdoony calling for Christian Monarchy in America, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad writing to tell W. that liberal democracy has failed and the world's only hope is theocratic fascism. They all share a hostility for individual freedom of conscience and thought. But what do I know, I am probably lying anyway, feckless xtian that I am.

And do not pretend like this guy is just some voice in the wilderness.. read some of the fscking comments on the article (although, in all fairness many others also called this guy out). This is a major current in progressive politics in America. I am completely accepting of my friends' athiesm; I don't preach or prostletyze, judge or argue, even as I sit there and listen to my beliefs get run down, but refrain from responding because to defend my beliefs would be to tag myself as "Christian Wingnut Guy." And all the while, I continually get told that my expression of religion is not socially acceptable because then I am "oppressing" the athiests. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or make them think that I disresepct their beliefs, or make them feel unwelcome as progressives. I just wish that perhaps someone would, once in a while, extend me the same fucking courtesy.

Fine, apparently there is no room for me at the Progressive Inn. Have a nice party, let me know how it all turns out...

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Update 1.0 [s9]: Over at Glenn Greenwald's place, Barbara O'Brien is filling in, and she has some well-written comments on the Seidman piece Mojo is all cranked up about. Readers interested in seeing a less inflammatory takedown than either of us are likely to produce should read it. I suspect Mojo and I are in like-minded support of Ms. O'Brien's take.

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