Friday, June 09, 2006


"Yes, the little ratfuckers are now running our government."

—Deep Throat, in All The President's Men

Juan Cole explains why you shouldn't feel sorry for him personally over his blacklisting by Yale. Nevertheless, some indignation over his outrageous mistreatment by pseudo-fascist bigots and greedheaded whores with funny mortarboard hats is more than warranted. The ratfuckers are also going after others who dare to speak truth to power.

The thing that stands out in both these cases is that blacklisting has finally reëmerged as a tactic for suppressing dissent. Professor Cole may not personally need much sympathy right now, but a terrible injustice was done to everyone else in his field not so fortunate as him to have a job he wouldn't trade for a better one. The message is clear: your paycheck is fair game, so shut your damned pie hole.

Let's review the bidding: official xenophobia? unwarranted surveillance? indefinite detention without trial? torture and degrading treatment of prisoners? violent paramilitaries? and now, blacklisting?

"We will RATFUCK you like nobody has been RATFUCKED before!"

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