Sunday, June 25, 2006

When The Laugh Track Starts, Then The Fun Starts...

The comedy. It hurts so bad.

I have been watching the kerfuffle between The New Republic Online and the Daily Kos borg collective from the sidelines. It's mostly been good for folks in Left Blogovia to get off some good snark at the expense of yet another bunch of mindless jerks who will surely be among the first up against the wall when the revolution comes.

Now, here comes Jason Zengerle on the other side, with a moment of surrealism that still has me scratching my head.
I sincerely regret not checking with Gilliard before quoting his purported words, not only because this was unfair to Gilliard--who has behaved more responsibly than anyone involved in this particular matter, myself included--but because the mistake that resulted from this failure has allowed Greenwald and others to try to use this minor error to distract people from much larger issues. Those issues are: Armstrong's troubles with the SEC; Armstrong's relationship with Moulitsas and Moulitsas's pattern of supporting politicians who hire Armstrong as a consultant; Moulitsas's attempts to silence liberal bloggers from commenting on these matters; the seeming acquiescence of so many of these liberal bloggers (including Greenwald) to Moulitsas's demands; and now, strangely, stuff like this [emphasis mine. —s9].
Follow that link in the final phrase of that semicolon-delimited list of clauses describing his so-called "larger" issues. Go ahead. I'll wait for you here.

So let me see if I get this straight, Jason... your "minor error" of misattributing the reprint of a private email message in a purported exposé about political corruption in the ranks of Left Blogovia is distracting people from the "larger" issues including [but not limited to] the alarming astrological implications of the discovery of a new trans-Neptunian planetoid object on the forecast of the future of America and its ruling party, which you found on the Internet and which was written four years ago by the same Jerome Armstrong you're bitching about now.

Nice work, Jason. Thanks for digging that up for us. I'm so glad you brought that to our attention. You wanker.

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