Saturday, June 24, 2006

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It is nice when the other team just decides to post their plans online for us to see. This is juts one example of this particualr post that has started showing up on the various Swiftboat Assclown blogs in the last few days.

So it appears that Snesko is probably a minor player in the "" site. Looks like the next rung up we get some other folks. Who are Larry Bailey and Mike Bradley and who is paying their freight. Enquiring minds want to know...

Update 1.0: We have a little more on Larry Bailey...

Get the FEC filing on "Vietnam Veterans for the Truth, LLC" and he is listed as the President. However, another name comes up in the filings. A letter to the FEC also names a "Terry Garlock" from Peachtree, GA.

That name ring a bell for anyone?

Update 2.0: It looks like Ms. Doss has taken the Murtha Lied site live now. But at this point, it is primarily dedicated to defnding herself from the barrage of attacks she has received in the last few days once her plans came to light.

Some of the attacks are personal, some invective laden, mostly merciless ridicule and threats. Let me be clear about one thing. I could not care less about Ms. Doss. She is weak tea. If others want to make it personal about her, then that is their own deal. Personally, I tend to see the threats as somewhat counterproductive.. As far as I am concerned, she is just a foot soldier. I want to know 1. who is paying for her services, 2. who is footing the bill for the bandwidth, 3. who is supplying her with the material?

Who is running this op, that's the big catch and what we will be concentrating on here at the Mojowire, whether it's Diana Irey's campaign, the NRCC or the political office in the West Wing, or some other well connected, well monied group with an interest in spending more blood and treasure in Asia.

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