Sunday, June 18, 2006

More USA PATRIOT Act Stoopidity

Max Sawicky rightly scolds the vast majority of liberal bloggers for failing so far to notice this story about the FBI zealously going after a bunch of Kurdish immigrants in Harrisburg, VA for illegal money smuggling. As he notes, The Washington Post has finally picked up the story, and after reading it— I gotta say— it looks like he's right. The Feds are cranking down on these guys when they really ought to be smart enough to lay off. We aren't hearing about this from high-profile liberal bloggers yet, but we should. Soon.

But the law is the law. It's a stupid law, and we've said so numerous times. These guys are being sent up on technicalities, and it isn't making anybody safer. But never mind that, I'm sure the wingnutosphere will tell us, we need the PATRIOT Act. Why, without this law, we'd be dodging suicide bombers just to go the 7/11 for a Slurpee™. Blech.

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