Thursday, June 22, 2006

One Step Closer...

For those following along at home, you know I have been gripping lately about S. 3237, the FY2007 Intelligence Appropriation Authorization because of its provisions (along with HR5020, the house companion bill already passed) that grants plenary domestic police power to the CIA and NSA.

Apparently, the bill was reported favorably out of Senate Selecte Intelligence and Senate Armed Services with no amendments, and placed on the Senate Calender as item No. 476. It will probably come up for consideration before the entire Senate for approval in the next couple of weeks.

From there it will go to conference, where it will be reconciled with 5020, and sent to the President for his signature. For the record, so far the only official in Washington D.C. of any political persuasion who has raised concerns with this is Russ Feingold, who wrote a separate opinion on the bill as part of committee report 109-259. (It's the last item in the report)

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