Friday, June 23, 2006

Swiftboaters Alert!

Looks like Karl Rove is finally going to get around to pushing the button on Jack Murtha. Check out the Murtha Lied site.

(Big h/t to Taylor Marsh for originally trying to get people over at Fire Dog Lake fired up about this...")

You will notice that there is nothing there at present and it looks like it was set up in 2000 originally. But some of the files, have apparently been updated in just the past week.

I am not the biggest fan of Murtha, a vaguely hawkish, middle of the road Democrat who originally voted with the administration on a number of issues. But now, because he is calling out the administration for being nothing more than a coterie of incompetence and mendacity, he is now going to get the treatment.

It would be nice if we could preempt this somehow, call these people out for the liars, cranks and thugs they are before it all happens and we have to wait for the TDM to attempt to untie things. Yeah, they did a competent job last time, but way, way too late...

Let's get out in front of this one...

Update 1.0: It would appear, after searching for the site on Whois, a domain information search site, that the murthalied site is owned by a Virginia-based contact, and lists as a technical contact one Amanda Doss. A quick google of her name with "GOP" turn up some interesting hits. First, there is a mention of an Amanda Doss described as a "Webmaster and organizer for Operation Street Corner" being honored at a "Vets Against Kerry" dinner in D.C. Turns out, that search also turns up a frothy anti-Jane Fonda Freeper called "Chieftain."

But more curious to me was "Operation Street Corner." It turns out that O.S.C. is a Swiftboat related skull farming ratfucking operation run by Ms. Doss and associated with "Vietnam Vets for Truth," registered out of Nash, Texas and Mt. Vernon, Virginia. Of course, their website is called "Kerrylied," and is registered with a web company in Oslo, Norway, through this thing called -- wait for it -- New World Solutions... It is unclear what or who New World is, other than perhaps just another hosting company...

Anyone else want to follow on?

Update 2.0: There were apparently a few problems with the original update, the erroneous information has been excised and corrected to the best of my ability.

Update 3.0: A picture of the alluring Ms. Amanda Doss can be found here (scroll down).

Update 4.0: Doing a little more digging, we come across the leader of this fine group, with the unlikely name of Tony Snesko, a D.C. area process server along with his son Brandon. Interestingly enough, that same name pops up on the National Repbuclian Congressional Committee's website as being the RSVP contact for a number of July 2004 D.C. fundraisers for Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter, one of the local SoCal Psychos in Congress. He is also a former San Diego Private Investigator and City Councilman for the City of Poway in the Redneckistan portion of SD County.

Anyway... his name comes up in various contexts like this. Seems to me that he is yet another RNC pissant footsoldier who has now been tasked with the Murtha takedown along with some others, no doubt. More as this continues to come to light.

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